Golf League Organizer

2.0.0 for

Organizing a group of golfers.

Whether a Saturday morning foursome or a 100-golfer league, if you are responsible for organizing a group of golfers, then you need Golf League Organizer. Just enter golfer and course info one time, then use it from season to season to manage your league

Golf League Organizer Features
  • Store Golfer and Course Info
  • Create groups automatically or manually
  • Calculate Handicaps from scores entered by event
  • Show Stats by Event, Individual, or Course
  • Keep a complete roster of contact information
  • Golf League Organizer makes all aspects of league organization much easier

Download a copy for Mac and try it free for 15 days. All data will be maintained when you decide to purchase. No ads, no subscription, nothing else to buy to receive the full benefits of organizing your league with this easy-to-use program.

Release Notes Version 2.0.0:
  • Initial release