Open source Conway's Game of Life simulator.

Golly is an open source, cross-platform Game of Life simulator currently under development by Andrew Trevorrow and Tomas Rokicki. Our goal is to write a world-class Life simulator, solicit ideas and help from the planet's best Life hackers, and share some of our excitement.

  • Unbounded universe (limited only by memory).
  • Fast, memory-efficient conventional algorithm.
  • Super fast hashing algorithm for highly regular patterns.
  • Responsive even while generating or garbage collecting.
  • Reads RLE, Life 1.05/1.06, and macrocell formats.
  • Can paste in patterns from the clipboard.
  • Auto fit option keeps patterns sized to the window.
  • Full screen option (no menu/status/tool/scroll bars).
  • Built-in HTML help system (thanks to wxWidgets).

Online program help is available here.

Release Notes Version 2.7:
  • The middle mouse button can now be used for panning, regardless of the current cursor mode.
  • Fixed potential crash when pasting a text pattern into any hash-based algorithm.
  • Fixed crash on Mac OS 10.9 when opening a modal dialog like Save Pattern.
  • Fixed crash on Windows 8 when opening the Set Rule dialog.
  • Fixed bug in QuickLife algorithm that could cause cells at the bottom/left edges of the viewport to disappear every odd generation.
  • Fixed bug in QuickLife algorithm that could cause the selection rectangle to appear offset by one pixel (left or right).
  • The shift.pl/py scripts save the given parameters for the next run.
  • The evolve command aborts the current script with an error message if the given number of generations is negative.
  • Fixed minor problem with the Fit Pattern/Selection menu commands not centering a pattern/selection accurately in some cases. Ditto for the fit and fitsel script commands. The visrect script command is also more accurate.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Undo to fail due to a temporary macrocell file containing comment lines not prefixed with #C.
  • Start-up message now shows if this version of Golly is 32-bit or 64-bit.