5.6.0 for

Flight planner for X-Plane.

GoodWay is the main software for generating flight plans for X-Plane. Imagine you have to travel, without road signs, without a compass, without a map even without a path. Chances are you'll be late, really late...

GoodWay is your map. It uses all of the navaids and the airports of X-Plane. It allows you to create your own fight plan or it can generate one for you automatically. Just select your departure and arrival airports and GoodWay will create the flight plan for you, and will even put you at the commands of the aircraft.

Release Notes Version 5.6.0:
  • New flight plan opening dialogue with the option of searching by airport, a preview and the possibility to search and open flight plans from the flightplandatabase.com website but also .FMS flight plans.
  • No need to create performance for your aircraft, GoodWay searches them on the internet but you can still display them if you wish.
  • Your Performance and those of all pilots are now on a website and are shared between all pilots so that improvements benefit everyone.
  • Simple display of VOR and NDB information by right-clicking.
  • Ability to add personal FIX where you want thanks to 3 powerful tools.
  • TOC and TOD management on flight plan by sunny weather and average aircraft performance.
  • Custom Airports files utilisation.
  • Download and display of Airspaces for more than 20 Countries with many display options.
  • Enhancement of the Ready to Publish tool with maps of departure and arrival airports and the flight map.
  • Display of the flight profile which also shows the terrain on your route. Possibility to easily change the altitude of each waypoint with the mouse.
  • Many improvements to the airport map window that now shows you your aircraft, taxiways and their names, etc...
  • From now on, you can see on the map the aircrafts managed by X-Plane.
  • The Weather now displays the upper winds at FL120 and FL340.
  • Windows are easier to resize from any edge.
  • New fonts that make displays clearer and more readable. The magnification of the texts is also much better.
  • Export or transmission of flight plans to:
    • ATC 124th
    • A320 Ultimate FF
    • FF Boeing 757 and 767
    • ZIBO 737-800
Special Notes X-Plane 11.10