GPL Arcade Volleyball

1.0 for

Remake of Arcade Volleyball.

GPL Arcade Volleybal (GAV) is an SDL remake of the old DOS game Arcade Volleyball. Currently it is very playable, but we are planning on introducing several extra features with respect to the original game, while still preserving its sheer addictiveness. So far we already added:
  • themes support
  • networking game
  • more than 2 players games
  • several configuration options
Why AV?
It is fun. Play it for awhile: it is simple, fast, it just catches on. It's silly -- yes -- but try and play it with friends. It takes 5 seconds to figure out how to play, and the 'funky' physics somehow just appeals. You could see it as a 'party' game; say you're throwing a party, you'd have that sort of game in the middle of several drinks, projected on a large screen, to have people have fun, engage in tournaments and laugh all through the game. Just as you'd have with, say, pong. You wouldn't play Warcraft or Flight Simulator in those situations, or would you?
Release Notes Version 1.0:
  • Better network game handling
  • Preference saving
  • Joystick support
  • And more!