GSC Breakthrough

1.9 for

Utility for Medal of Honor: Breakthrough.

If you've ever hosted an online Medal of Honor:Breakthrough multiplayer game on your Mac you know how annoying it is that you cannot set all of the options that the game engine offers from within the game menus.

By using a Mac Game Server Configulator you can use all of the in-game serving options, and more. Apart from that, you are enabled to load and save several different configurations as well as run a dedicated server to host for other people even if you don't wish to play yourself. Also, you can have the GSC perform run-time tasks such as auto-kicking of players and broadcasting server messages.


  • use over 25 different game and server settings.
  • save and load multiple server configurations.
  • set your own map rotation, including custom maps.
  • have complete control over what players can and cannot do.
  • set rules for the game such as fraglimit and match duration.
  • play Free for all, Team Match, Round Based or Objective games.
  • have your game listed at GameSpy.
  • run a 24 hour dedicated server with console access.
Release Notes Version 1.9:
  • The application, that allows setting up and running a dedicated Medal of Honor multiplayer game server, was about to expire on january 1st 2006. Several bugs have also been fixed and user requests implemented. Main new feature is that the GSC now finds maps in both the /main and /mainta folders.
  • GSC Breakthrough now only works on Mac OS X 10.3 or higher, support for 10.2 users could not longer be maintained.