Hidden Mysteries: Secrets of the White House

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Clue-based puzzle game.

Hidden Mysteries: Secrets of the White House: Since it was built, the White House has been expanded and adapted by each successive President. From Jefferson's grand colonnades to Teddy Roosevelt's destruction of Buchannan's greenhouses, each administration has left its mark. More than just the Presidential residence, the White House has become a time capsule of American history.

In Hidden Mysteries: Secrets of the White House, you can receive a history lesson while playing an engaging, clue-based game. More than 30 engaging levels take you through 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, from Lincoln's Bedroom to the Oval Office, with every room lavishly illustrated based on actual images. Along the way, inventory-based mini games will unlock the secrets of the White House and help you solve its mysteries.


  • Exciting mini-games & challenging puzzles!
  • Intriguing characters & a fascinating story!
  • Hours of fun, addictive hidden object gameplay!
  • Over 30 levels taking the player from the Oval Office to the Lincoln Bedroom
  • Point and Click, no time limits!
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