iSTAR Drummer

1.14 for

Hear the music and hit the drums.

iSTAR Drummer lets you hear the music and hit the drums- but watch out! Beat the colorful drums with your fingers as the sticks. Are you ready? ?.GO! You're instantly in one of our exciting new scenes surrounded by vibrant music, splashes of color, and cheers from your fans! Enjoy 10 free songs as you work your way from beginner to star drummer!

Get ready for a new, electrifying, and thrilling challenge- just for you!

Game features include:

  • more drums and speed cycles for a more challenging experience
  • drums arranged in curve for better comfort
  • pause and restart buttons
  • the ability to start exactly where you left off after an interruption
  • cool colors and backgrounds
  • a global 'High Score' list
Bravo! You're a star drummer- once again!
Release Notes Version 1.14:
  • Added World Online mode
  • In New Ver., Taiko Drums,African Drums and bongo Drums.