3.2 for

Chess program written in Java.

j2chess is a chess program written in Java.Consequently j2chess can run on any platform where a Java Virtual Machine is installed (version 1.4.x or later recommended).

j2chess includes an opening book of 15,000 games and can play games in three different modes; casual, blitz and blitz Fisher.j2chess can read ".pgn" library files and therefore can be used as a ".pgn" browser as well.

As a matter of fact, j2chess is a pure hobby project and its development progress is fairly slow! But who minds? ;-) I just hope I'll give you the opportunity to have fun playing chess. You can also help me to improve j2chess by sending me your feedback via email. j2chess is a freeware but if you enjoy it you can always say "Thank you" by making a donation.

Release Notes Version 3.2:
  • New Features: cosmetic changes (new icons)
  • Bug Fix: Game info preference: default names for new games bug fix
  • Geek Stuff: j2chess has been maven-ised :)