JanssenWeb Risk

1.1.2 for

World domination board game.

Play the original world domination board game on the original board from the 70s.
Release Notes Version 1.1.2 adds the following:
  • New option: territory dependent territory cards: many version of Risk give 2 armies in a country displayed on the territory cards you hand in, provided you own that country (max. once per turn)
  • The bars on the bottom of the board now highlight the continents and their values when clicked
  • Added a "Do-or-Die" button, to start an attack which goes on until you either win or loose
  • When Player 1 was a computer player, human players were sometimes skipped
  • Fixed a cheat, where you could cash, go to the tactical move phase, look at your territory cards, and cash again.
  • The computer was allowed to deploy 5 armies in 1 territory in the deployment phase
  • Fixed ownership of the last defeated country at victory
  • Manually handing in territory cards did not work properly
  • Changed player colours were not properly dealt with in the "New Game" stage