2.14.1 for

GUI client for Internet Chess Club/Free Internet Chess Server.

Jin is an open source, cross-platform, graphical client (interface) for the Internet Chess Club and the Free Internet Chess Server.
Release Notes Version 2.14.1:
  • Updated to work on OS X 10.7 (Lion).
  • Added a "Crampled Paper" board pattern.
  • Added new piece sets from Maurizio Monge (http://linuz.sns.it/~monge/wiki/index.php/Chess_pieces).
  • Mac OS X: You can now quickly respond to the last person who sent you a tell by hitting the F8 key in the console. Previously, this didn't work on Mac OS X because the default key used for this (F9) is taken by Expose.
  • The "Actions" window is no longer resizable.
  • A bunch of minor UI adjustments to make Jin look better under Mac OS X (and, hopefully, not worse on other platforms).
  • Merged the "Move highlight" and "Move input" board preferences panels into one panel - "Moves".
  • Command-W on Mac OS X and Alt-W on other platforms will now close Jin windows in SDI mode.
  • Mac OS X: Some graphics were drawn badly, such as vector pieces, square highlight and arrow. All pretty (and antialiased) now.
  • Mac OS X: The keyboard shortcuts for moving through an examined game are now Command-Left (one ply backward), Command-Right (one ply forward), Command-Home (beginning of game) and Command-End (end of game).
  • Mac OS X: The keyboard shortcut for entering board fullscreen mode is now Command-Enter.
  • Replaced ugly board icons (game previous/next/start/end and fullscreen) with pretty icons taken from the Tango Desktop Project at http://tango.freedesktop.org/
  • Unix/Linux: The default Look and Feel is now Metal, since GTK is still awful.
  • Mac OS X: Jin is now distributed as a compressed .dmg file (instead of a .dmg.gz).