3.6 for

Jigsaw puzzle, use your own picture.

JiXii is a jigsaw puzzle game that allows you to use your own images to break apart and put back together again. You can change settings (such as image size, number of pieces, piece patterns), game sounds and appearance (background colors, highlight method, option for piece outlines, seamless pieces). Timer is available to keep your records. In the registered version, your settings, puzzle state and record will be saved automatically. Puzzles can be saved separately as JiXii documents.

Release Notes Version 3.6:
  • Bug fixes and internal adjustments.
    Especially the format for saving puzzles had to be updated to work on 10.15 (beta).
    Note: puzzles saved in v.3.5 can be read in v.3.6, but not vice versa.
  • Saving as java applets (.jar) is no longer supported, for, without code-signing, they no longer work not only in the web but also locally as stand-alone apps.
  • For earlier macOS (v.10.1-10.13), please visit the Archive.
Special Notes macOS 10.14