JMRI: DecoderPro

4.14.0 for

Program model railroad DCC decoders.

JMRI: DecoderPro is an essential utility for model railroad enthusiasts.

Modern DCC decoders are complicated beasts to program. The simple idea of "put the address in CV01" doesn't cope well when you program complicated functions using combinations of bit patterns. A friendlier interface is needed. There are programs that provide better ways of programming specific decoders. Unfortunately, they are limited to specific types of computers, and only their authors can customize them for new types of decoders.

The DecoderPro symbolic programmer is meant to improve this. It is configured using text files, so that it can be adapted to additional decoder types easily. It talks to the decoders using the JMRI programming interface, so that it can run on any computer and layout hardware that JMRI has been ported to. It's freely available for download. And since the code is available via open source, if you want to improve on it you can.

Release Notes Version 4.14.0:
  • This release changes how "Internal" Throttles, Consisting, CV Programmers and Command Station references are configured. This is done to avoid accidentally getting one of these configured as a default instead of using your attached hardware device (the dreaded "programmer always reads 123" condition).
Special Notes Java 1.8 or laterAn available serial port, either on the computer itself, or via a USB adapter. For more information, please see the download pages.A serial connection to your DCC system. For more information, please see the DCC hardware pages.