Kadoatery Timer

1.0 for

Timer application for Kadoatie feeders on neopets.com.

Kadoatery Timer is a timer application specifically made for Kadoatie feeders on neopets.com. After checking on the neoboards for the current times, enter those into Kadoatery Timer and let it keep track of the time left for you!

Once the timer runs out, Kadoatery Timer alerts you via a dock icon bounce and Growl. It then pops up a window which allows you to specify, once you've checked the Kadoatery, whether it should 'pend' the timer (add 7 minutes to the last refresh time because Kadoaties did not refresh) or reset it (add 28 minutes because the Kadoaties refreshed). No more needing to track of the time yourself or manually add 7 or 28 minutes to a regular timer.

No testing on a system other than Snow Leopard has been performed, so feedback is greatly appreciated.

Release Notes Version 1.0:
  • Adds support for Minis