1.9 for

Game that allows babies to play with the keyboard.

KeyWack is a game for babies who like to sit at their parent's computer and bang the keyboard. KeyWack prevents babies from accidentally opening most programs or documents, and makes banging even more fun by drawing shapes and playing random sounds as the keys are whacked. You can also click with the mouse to place a shape at a particular location. To quit KeyWack type Command-Q or Control-X.

KeyWack is based on the design of the original KeyWack by Paul Duffy. The file download contains versions for Macintosh (Universal Binary), Windows and Linux. Please try not too press the keyboard keys too fast or too hard.

Release Notes Version 1.9:
  • No longer supports Windows XP
  • Pictures cleaned up moreSounds work more reliably
  • Works better on Linux
  • Graphics changed to GDI Plus
  • New logo