KGA Golf X

1.3 for

Fun golf game.

KGA Golf features vibrant graphics, memorable sounds, and fun golfing action. Keep track of your best rounds, save and resume a round in progress, and even create your own holes and courses with the hole and course editors, available to download separately. KGA Golf ships with two courses, one 18-hole and one 9-hole. KGA Golf's punchy graphics, variety of sounds, and fun golfing action should keep you on the fairway. A classic 3-click swing interface launches the ball. New courses will be available to download.
Release Notes Version 1.3:
  • Universal Binary for Mac OS X
  • 14 courses including new courses created by prolific course designer Serge Reney
  • anti-aliased graphics
  • less waiting, quicker gameplay, better user interface
  • Yardage markers on every hole
  • Automatically save your round-in-progress - perfect if you only have a few minutes to play golf
  • automatic club selection
  • Men's, Ladies', and Championship tees
  • Fun variety of sounds and graphics
  • Target Golf game mode - a whole new way to play the golf courses - aim for the bullseye!