5.8.3 for

Gain access to blocked websites and apps.

Lantern is a software application for desktop and mobile that delivers fast, reliable and secure access to blocked websites and apps. It uses fast geo-optimized servers, and only proxies blocked sites, to maximize your browsing speed, letting you stream HD videos fast. Lantern gives you uninterrupted access to the open internet by utilizing a variety of techniques to bypass censorship and firewalls, quickly shifting to other approaches if those techniques are blocked

  • Lantern uses a variety of techniques to bypass internet censorship and firewalls so you can keep surfing with uninterrupted access
  • The app encrypts all of your traffic to blocked sites and services to protect your data and privacy
  • Easy to use, just download and install to start streaming, browsing and using apps - no configuration required
Release Notes

Note: Although Finder indicates no version number for this application, the developer refers to it as version 5.8.3.

  • Update cloud.yaml
  • Only enable ads for Iranian users for now
Special Notes Although the application is listed as free, Lantern Pro subscription is available for $38 for a 1-year plan. Additional information could be found in the app