Le Tarot

3.2.5 for

Tarot card game.

LeTarot is THE software which allows you to play the Tarot card game according to the 4 players rules of the French Federation of Tarot.

At any time, you can play Tarot with partners in bone and flesh or else in silicon! If you find only one partner or even none, the computer will replace the missing players with a very powerful playing engine. It is also possible to play tournament on your local network or on the internet

No more cards to shuffle, distribute, sort, no more computation of the tricks, no score to calculate: the computer is doing it for you! More especially all that takes only a fraction of a second...

The cards are not there physically but they are always on the screen more beautiful than ever! They are authentic digitalized cards from a card deck of the EDITIONS DUSSERRE, a reprint of one of the first "New Tarot" of 1890.

Release Notes Version 3.2.5:
  • [OS X 10.7 (Lion)] The software update search and the internet game server access were not working anymore.