Let's Golf! 2

1.0.5 for

3D animated golf game with six exotic world courses.

Let's Golf! 2 is a colorful, animated golfing game where you pick from 8 3D characters and travel to 6 exotic locations around the globe. If you have an iOS device, you can play multiplayer with your friends. Features:
  • Select from 8 fun 3D characters that you can customize with unlocked caps, clothes and golf balls.
  • Watch your character gain experience with each game & unleash special powers like rewinding time.
  • Play 108 holes in 6 far-out spots like an Aztec Jungle, a winter wonderland in Greenland & a wild African Safari.
  • See how you rate against the world with the online leaderboard, or challenge friends in multiplayer.
  • Take on the new Career mode or just have fun with a variety of new challenges.
Release Notes Version 1.0.5:
  • Fixes an installation bug.