Light Flux

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Game based on light cycle scene from TRON movie.

Light Flux is a game based on the light cycle scene from the TRON movie. The object of the game is to make sure you survive during each round. You do that by not hitting the other beams and not hitting the borders. Also, don't make 180 degree turns or you will lose.

The game area is represented by a brushed metal surface. After the flux energy reaches 500 and below, the game area will get smaller. Once it gets to 100, the game area will get smaller each half a second.

Starting at an flux energy of 700 the world will start rotating. This rotation will go faster the lower the energy gets. In order to maintain your direction, use the small white arrow in the center of the screen.

You win the game when you have the highest score. The game is over when the game area is too small to be played on. Once that happens, you will hear the "Game Over" sound and the menu will reappear.

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