Lumox 2

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Clone of the popular PSP game Lumines.

Lumox 2 is a game inspired by the PSP game Lumines. It delivers the entrancing experience you crave. Your goal is to form 2x2 groups of blocks of the same color. When you do this, they will become highlighted. The beam of electricity zaps highlighted blocks as it passes. Destroy lots of blocks at the same time to get a huge score. Use special exploder blocks to start even larger combos. Sure, you can get a Furious combo, but can you get an Omega combo? For those who have already mastered Lumines, we provide the challenging 3 color mode.

Lumox 2 packs over 30 minutes of groovin' tracks. Gameplay and graphics are flawlessly synchornized with the music. For example, blocks fall on musical beats. Lumox 2 always looks fresh, because it creates thousands of different visual styles. Everything in the game moves as smoothly as silk. When you destroy blocks, they disappear in a puff of smoke, warping the space behind them.

Release Notes Version 1.0:
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