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Virtual ATM gets play money for you.

Note: MacATM is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for sale.

MacATM is a virtual ATM machine for your Mac. You no longer have to deal with ram raiding a shopping center ATM or take a tow-truck to the bank when you can download MacATM and play along.


  • authentically replicated ATMonics
  • high quality texture
  • advanced realism
Release Notes Version 1.1:
  • Now makes you wait longer to process your transaction
  • Models the entire ATM booth, not just the machine (Mac OS 10.4+ only)
  • Option to configure booth size and livery
  • Customize your bank's transparency and brand presence (Mac OS 10.4+ only)
  • Fixed a bug that stopped some customers collecting their money under OS 10.3