MacPoker Pro

1.3 for

Online poker tracking and analysis.

MacPoker Pro is the exclusive online poker tracking and analysis solution for Mac Poker players, playing online at PokerRoom.com and seven other popular Mac-compatible online poker sites. It is an invaluable tool for real-time monitoring of your sessions - providing you with information about your opponents and the tables you are playing.
Release Notes Version 1.3:Good news and bad news.. the good news is that Full Tilt Poker support is here! Unfortunately, your mileage may vary with PokerRoom and it's skin sites. They should work at least as well in this version, but are generally unreliable and not recommended any longer.In addition to Full Tilt Poker support, we have made a few enhancements:
  • Player types are now customizable. After MPP launches, you will be able to edit the file named mppconfig.plist in the MacPoker Pro directory within ~/Library/Application Support.
  • Restart session button replaced with Stop and Start buttons - if you need to stop and restart, use these buttons.
  • Applescript support has been added for handling Full Tilt history files