4.0 for

Virtual tarot card reader.

MacTarot has now been updated for 2012.

MacTarot is the leading Tarot software for the Apple Mac. It is simple and easy to use while providing a great way to perform Tarot readings on your Mac.

To assist people who have required support for the product we have now offered free unlimited telephone support. You may call us directly in Australia on +61(02) 8005 8556

In response to popular demand we have re-written MacTarot from the ground up and now are pleased to release MacTarot 4.0.

MacTarot previously looked very much like the original version released for Mac OS, however now we have redesigned it to take full advantage of Mac OS X with a much more pleasant user interface.

MacTarot allows you to perform Tarot readings on your computer using the cards of the Major or Major and Minor Arcana. It also provides you with two spreads to choose from, Celtic Cross or a simpler Three Card Reading.

Release Notes Version 4.0 (2012):
  • MacTarot OS X