Marble World Desktop

1.15 for

Physics-based puzzle game.

Marble World Desktop is a game where the player is pitted against crazy 3D levels of madness, featuring cannons, saws, platforms, darkness and narrow ledges. Collect the gems and make it to the finish line as fast as you humanly can.

Game Features:
  • Choice of 3D and isometric view
  • Lush 3D graphics
  • Crazy marble physics!
  • 23 Insane levels
  • World wide leaderboards

    Planned Features:
  • Multiplayer
  • Integrated Level Editor and Level Sharing
  • More levels
  • Release Notes Version 1.15:
    • Fixed potential bug with cannons not firing correctly (thanks TheGreasabler!)
    • Added back flags which were removed for initial release
    • Add more audio