Master of Gomoku

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Strategy board game.

Master of Gomoku is a strategy board game where you try to get 5 of your stones in a row before the other player. It has 4 levels of AI to play against the computer and 2 player/multiplayer modes as well. The journey is easy to begin, but hard to master. Can you become a Master of Gomoku?

In Gomoku the dark color normally plays first, and players alternate in placing a stone of their color on an empty intersection. The winner is the first player to get an unbroken row of five stones horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The origin of Gomoku comes from China but the name "Gomoku" is from the Japanese language. Gomoku is also known as Gobang, Omok and Five In A Row.


  • Both one and two player modes.
  • Fun AI with 4 levels (beginner, medium, hard and expert).
  • Board sizes from 8x8 through 15x15.
  • Great background music and sounds.
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Release Notes Version 1.0.5:

Note: 1.0.5 is the version number of the free version; the commercial version is at 1.0.4.

  • Added app sandbox settings for your safety,
  • Changed icon to include EnsenaSoft brand mark.