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Maze game with a twist or two for the strategic gamer.

MazeBlox... A unique maze game with a twist or two in store for the strategic gamer.

Pick-up Gold Blocks located around the maze. Place them one at a time on the Build Table to construct the Golden Pyramid and complete the level.

Time is your only real enemy. If your timer goes to zero you loose a player and eventually the game, luckily you can buy more time by placing a Gold Block in the Reset Timer.

Gold Blocks can also blow a hole in the maze wall to give you a better route. Just pick-up a Gold Block and touch it to a Maze Block to make it explode. The lightest touch head on will destroy the maze and gold blocks.

Release Notes Version 1.1 includes access to the Network High Score Table. Also improved graphics during attract screens.
Special Notes G4 or better, Mac OS X 10.4 or later