4.3 for

Classic Solitaire game.

McSolitaire is the best solitaire card game and most realistic of its kind. No one has reached this level so far. We are first! There will be a lot of solitaire games after us, but we have been and will be pioneers!. Cards graphics are great and the game is easy to play. Among the features you can:
  • Select among beautiful themes
  • Restrain or not the cards selection on a stack
  • Ask McSolitaire if you can go on.
  • Restart the same game.
  • Ask McSolitaire to do the next move for you.
  • Apply unlimited Undo/Redo commands.
  • Set the number of cards flipped from the hidden deck.
  • Tell McSolitaire if you want to be alerted when no more move is possible.
  • Turn sounds on/off
  • Change the animation speed.
  • See and reset your personal score.
  • Use gesture to perform actions
  • Change the background
  • Change the back image of the cards
  • Warn player if no more moves and more!
Release Notes Version 4.3:


  • Total wins & percentage scoring is back and can be activated in the preferences
  • Automatic move on single click can be turned off
  • Settings tips is displayed on the bottom right corner
  • What's new panel added
  • Animation bug fix when grouping cards