Mega BrickBash 3000

1.2.1 for

Breakout brick bashing arcade game with 100+ levels and level editor.

Mega BrickBash 3000 is a game in the year 3000, and you are working at a deep space construction site when somehow your platform ship drifts off course. You find yourself trapped in an alternate dimension, surrounded by strange power structures and bouncing energy spheres. What a lucky coincidence then that your spaceship is in the shape of a giant paddle! Perhaps if you smash your way through the brick-like structures that surround you, you'll find a way to get back home.

100+ levels, 20+ brick types, a dozen power ups (lasers, rockets, nukes), and the official level editor is included. Demo video

Release Notes Version 1.2.1:
  • This new version of MBB3K contains changes to many of the end-game levels in the full game set (about 20 levels have been improved for better playability, pacing, and difficulty).