Midnight Mansion HD: Episode 2

1.0.2 for

2D platform action continues.

Midnight Mansion HD: Episode 2 continues where Midnight Mansion HD: Episode 1 left off. Enjoy the same great gameplay as Episode 1, but now with access to the following six all-new mansions:

Castle Doom
Chateau de Medusa
Cathedral Towers
House of Baron Garneau
The Great Escape
Spider Palace

In addition, if you have purchased Episode 1, this version gives you the ability to play custom mansions that other fans of the game have created. There are currently over 100 custom mansions available!

Please note: Midnight Mansion HD: Episode 2 is not the same as Midnight Mansion 2: The Haunted Hills. That game is a sequel to Midnight Mansion HD (Episodes 1 and 2).
Release Notes Version 1.0.2:
  • House of Baron Garneau now works on hard difficulty.
  • Added Gamepad support.
  • Game now works on Japanese systems.
  • Fixed slowdowns in some rooms.
  • Fixed display issues on "tall" displays.
  • Hint House is now playable on machines with case-sensitive formatted drives.
  • Fixed various issues with reading signs (crashes, not displaying properly, etc.)
  • "Sound Effects Off" checkbox now affects Game Over and Beat-The-Mansion music too.
  • Fixed issues where game sometimes looked for Midnight Mansion HD Custom Mansions folder in the wrong place.
  • Fixed open saved/suspended games so they work even if the original mansion is a .zip mansion.
  • When saving a game while playing a mansion in .zip format, .zip is no longer part of the default filename for the saved game.
  • Balanced sound effect volumes.
  • Fixed the "screensaver activated when entering name for a high score" issue
  • No dependencies on Episode 1. Fully self-contained.
  • You must now launch Episode 1 separately to play mansions from Episode 1. Apple's policies do not allow "linking" of apps.