Mine Swept

1.47c for

Minesweeper game.

Mine Swept is your basic game of Minesweeper where you have this field of squares and when you click on one, it will tell you one of two things: that you just revealed a mine (at which point, it's game over) or how many mines surround this particular square. Armed with this information, you then go forth and determine which squares in this field of squares are not hiding a mine.

This project came about because I was unhappy with all the other Minesweeper offerings for OSX out there. So rather than complain endlessly about them, I decided to write my own and get exactly what I wanted in a Minesweeper game.

Note: It says the minimum requirements is 10.3 or later but I only say that because I don't have a 10.2 machine to test it on. Please feel free to try it out if you have Jaguar installed and let me know how it plays. Just remember that I can't guarantee that it won't permanently damage your machine (not that I think that there's anyway it could but I still have to say it, nonetheless).

Release Notes Version 1.47c:
  • Another update for the French translation, courtesy of Yann Ricquebourg. You guys on that side of the pond better appreciate his efforts.