Monument Builders: Alcatraz

1.0 for

Resource management game.

Monument Builders: Alcatraz is a resource management game that has you oversee the construction of the most famous prison in the United States, while learning many other anecdotes along the way! Help contractor Lloyd Andrews gather the resources needed to complete work on the prison. Manage your workers skillfully to finish the levels in time, while repelling attacks from Call Palone's hired thugs as they try to send your project to the bottom of the bay! Defend your site against mobsters Learn scores of genuine anecdotes about Alcatraz 50 varied and challenging game levels!
Release Notes Version 1.0: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

Note: Finder reports that this is version 4.1.2f1; this is representative of the app's Unity runtime. The dev states it is 1.0.