Monument Builders - Great Wall of China

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Participate in building the Great Wall of China in this time-management game.

Monument Builders - The Great Wall of China makes the Great Wall more fun than ever! Learn the details of the design and participate in making history in Monument Builders - Great Wall of China, another hit from the makers of the Monument Builders popular series of time-management games. From the first to the last stone, build one of the world's most amazing architectural icons and a fascinating gem of Chinese history. Learn historical facts about the design, purpose, and origins of the Great Wall. Take on the role of construction site manager. Clear the land, produce materials, assist architect Qui Jin, keep Attila the Hun at bay, and manage your crew to make this architectural dream a reality. Grab your hardhat and dig right in when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Monument Builders - Great Wall of China today!


  • Build the iconic Great Wall of China.
  • Play 50 levels of fast-paced time management fun.
  • Unlock tons of bonuses.
  • Ensure that your name goes down in history with the success of the project.

Release Notes Version 1.0: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

Note: 4.1.2f1 is the version number reported in Finder; it is a reflection of the app's Unity runtime version. The developer refers to this version of the app as 1.0.