Mr Mind

1.7 for

Master Mind game.

Mr Mind is a virtual version of the classic game Master Mind. You play according to the standard rules defined for the original board game. The opponent (thecomputer) selects four blobs with random colors and keeps them hidden from the player (you). Itis allowed for several blobs to have the same color. The player then selects a choice of fourblobs and places them in corresponding positions in the board's bottom row. After pressing "OK"the computer responds by displaying up to four indicators which can be black or white. Blackindicator means that a blob was placed at a correct position. White indicator shows that a blobwas placed in an incorrect position but that the color is present in the computers hiddencombination. Play until the computers combination is solved.
Release Notes Version 1.7 fixes bugs. Improved high score function. Edited music track. carbonized version that runs under both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X