Mutatris HD

1.0 for

A 3D puzzle game.

Mutatris HD ... Line up rows of blocks in horizontal, vertical, or a cube of the same type. The twist is When a block is not supported (no block beneath it) it moves down until there is a block below or the bottom of the grid. It may be tricky to figure out the controls at first, but you have to rotate the grid x and y axis.


  • Left Arrow - move left
  • Right Arrow - move right
  • Down Arrow - move down
  • Up Arrow - move inwards depth wise
  • 'a' key - to shift blocks
  • 'e' key - to restore rotation to home
  • 's' key: rotate +x axis
  • 'd' key: rotate -x axis
  • 'z' key: rotate +y axis
  • 'x' key: rotate -y axis
  • Escape key to quit any time
Release Notes