Only Mortal

2.0b5 for

Quake 2&3/RTCW/Soldier of Fortune 2 server browser.

Only Mortal is a Quake 2 & 3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein server browser. Now with Soldier of Fortune 2, as well... No fruity parameter files, just everything you need.
Release Notes Version 2.0b5 adds the following:
  • Added remembering whether or not the drawer is open on a document save.
  • Added remembering the last game selected on a document save.
  • Removed auto-window resizing on a document open or change of game.
  • Fixed a server refresh problem with Jedi Knight 2 (Robin Jastrzebski).
  • Added in clean up of MacWolfParms.txt file for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
  • Updated Quake filter to treat servers with only bots as if they're empty.
  • Added protocol filtering to Soldier of Fortune 2.
  • Fixed a problem with quoted passwords on Jedi Knight 2 (Robin Jastrzebski).