Open Arena

0.8.8r28 for

Shooter based on Quake 3 Arena engine and gamecode (beta).

Open Arena is a fast, brutal, online first-person shooter (FPS), featuring the old "kill or be killed" gameplay style from classic FPS games like Quake 3, QuakeLive, and Unreal tournament. This game features both the original game modes like deathmatch and capture-the-flag, and some custom server-specific modes. These classic, proven game modes outshine popular FPS with their real-skill requirements instead of relying on gimmicks like killing streaks and game unbalancing perks. Try this fast, competitive, online FPS!
Release Notes Version 0.8.8r28:

New features:
  • Two new single player campaign tiers
  • New maps:
    • am_lavaarena
    • am_lavactf
    • am_lavactfxl
    • am_mckinleyish2
    • am_spacecont
    • am_thornish
    • mlca1
    • mlctf1beta
    • oa_bases3p3ta
    • oasago1
    • oa_thor
    • pul1duel-oa
    • pxlfan
  • New player model: Neko.
  • Specular maps have been added to many player and weaponsmodels. These can be disabled by turning off detail textures.
  • Invulnerability powerup and effects
  • Grappling hook model, shader, and sounds
  • Angelyss, Gargoyle have been reanimated
  • Liz and SMarine animation glitches fixed
  • Music
  • Many of the old maps got entity tweaks, gametype unlocking and other fixes.
  • Benchmark demo
  • Fixed TEAMMATE kill message bug.
  • Prevent team changing and disconnect from changing team score in Team Deathmatch.
  • Don't let vampire resurrect dead players.
  • Now uses FFA spawnpoints in domination.
  • Workaround for Kamikaze bug.
  • g_autonextmap added ("Auto change level" in the menu). Randomly picks a new map once the current map has ended. The maps allowed for each gametype are configurable.
  • You can now see how much health the obelisk have left in Overload
  • Autoswitch weapon can now be set to only change to better or new weapons.
  • Chat beep can be disabled in options.
  • Changed default customvotefile to customvote.cfg.
  • Added the possibility for spawning in waves. The cvar g_respawntime says how often players should spawn.
  • Added a CVAR g_voteBan X bans a player for X minutes using the KK-admin system
  • Added g_gravityModifier (default 1.0) that modifies g_gravity relatively to the value set by the map.
  • Additional dmflags. Most notably "Fast weapon switch" and "No self damage".
  • Added a CVAR g_damageModifier to modify damage of all weapons and triggers.
  • Added replace_* cvars like disable_*. Can be used like "set replace_weapon_shotgun weapon_bfg" for replacing shutgun by BFG.
  • Handicap is reset to 100 once returned to the main menu. It is no longer changeable thorugh the GUI to prevent new players from hurting themself.
  • Added "Click to respawn"-message. Tells the player how long until they are allowed to respawn. Very relevant for wave spawning.
  • New specular code, r_specmode 1 to enable
  • New environment map code, r_envmode 1 to enable
  • Cascaded bloom, which is more 'natural', and is much faster on lower end hardware r_bloom_cascade 1 to enable
  • Support for GLSL shaders!
  • Bloom is not allowed if we don't have 32-bit color for textures. This stops the user from playing with corrupt bloom in 16-bit color since the bloom code doesn't really support that yet.