0.58 rc5 for

2D Worms game clone.

OpenLieroX is (like the original Liero) kind of a realtime Worms. It is based on and compatible with the famous LieroX. LieroX is a 2D shooter game, an unofficial sequel to Liero, and is the most popular of all the Liero clones. It features online play, fully customizable weapons, levels, and characters.

The game is based on a deathmatch setting, where multiple players face off in a closed level. Each player is equipped with five weapons selected from all the weapons allowed, and with a ninja rope that allows the player to move in any direction. Players begin with a set number of lives, and whilst the game records the number of kills, the last man standing is usually considered the winner. LieroX also allows team deathmatches, which has made it common for players to form clans.

  • Old-fashioned gaming style derived from Worms and Liero
  • Internet/LAN multiplayer games support for endless fun with friends
  • Customizable characters (skins, names, ...)
  • Thousands of maps and custom weapons
  • Custom themes to adjust the game look
  • Built-in level editor
  • And many more, just check them out!

Because of the huge community, there are dozens of levels and mods available. You also have no problem finding somebody on the Internet to play with. Or if you want to play offline, you also can play with bots.

Release Notes Version 0.58 rc5:
  • IPv6 support
  • Show death count in games with infinite lives
  • Navigate all menus with arrow keys, for better gamepad support
  • Fixed rope warping and explosions not drawn on infinite map
  • Fixed desynced shots in network games. This will not eliminate network lag entirely, but it should improve the situation when your shots hit the other player without doing any damage.
  • Fixed invisible laser in network games
  • New game options: mirror the map, indestructible bonuses
  • Added all player skins from Quality Skins Pack
  • Show weapon name when picking up a bonus, for GunGame gamemode