Peep Attack Widget

2.0 for

Widget clutters co-workers` Dashboard with Peeps.

Peep Attack Widget is a Dashboard widget that allows you to clutter a person's Dashboard screen on their Mac with different colored Peeps.

Distract your co-worker then install the PAW, then simply pull up as many Peeps as possible while they are not around. At this point you can either wait for them to open Dashboard on their own accord, or you can subtly inquire how the weather will be this weekend and ask if they could check that with the weather widget. Await awestruck reaction when they see the army of peeps before them.
Peeps are a product of the Just Born company located in Bethlehem, PA.

Release Notes Version 2.0: Cleaned up the graphics, and added a 6 more Peeps to flip through, for a total of 7 colors and one mystery bonus Peep.