Penguin Snowcap Challenge

1.1.1 for

Challenging racing game.

Penguin Snowcap Challenge?Defend your island by competing in exciting downhill penguin races in this fun and challenging racing game from WaveCrest Entertainment! Choose which penguin to race as, and slide downhill around turns, over jumps, and through tunnels all while avoiding traps, trees, rocks, and cliffs!

These are some tough birds! Penguin Snowcap Challenge features innovative gameplay, smooth-as-ice graphics, and the fastest penguins around! It takes slalom racing to a whole new level with extra points for jump distance, collecting fish power-ups, and dodging traps set by an angry elephant seal!

Release Notes Version 1.1.1:
  • 4 more levels
  • Improved graphics
  • Torches in the caverns
  • Displays your place in the race