0.2.7 for

Game engine to make panoramic adventure games.

Pipmak Game Engine allows you to make panoramic adventure games, in a style similar to that of the Myst game series. You can use static images or 360? panoramic views, allowing you to make game like any of the Myst series.

It uses Lua for scripting, meaning you can make games using a powerful yet easy to learn language. Pipmak is available under the GPL licence. It is currently in a very early stage of development.

Release Notes Version 0.2.7:
  • Display of text on patches in arbitrary TrueType fonts.
  • Patches can now be rotated and even arbitrarily positioned in 3D.
  • A new Lua command line panel and a Lua table inspector make testing and debugging easier.
  • Various smaller features, as detailed in the release notes.