Pixel Pig

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Fantastic misadventures of a pig acrobat.

Pixel Pig?The Fantastic Misadventures of Pixel Pig (Pig Acrobat) is a peg-popping, fruit-chomping, mud-splatting, gas-blasting, adventure for all ages.
  • Launch Pixel Pig into one of forty levels. Slam into as many pegs, gobble as much food, and sail through as many rings as you can before hitting the mud.
  • Blast your way to success! Pixel Pig keeps you in control at all times. Once he has entered the game board, use Pixel Pig's gas reserves to strategically propel him around the game board and defy gravity. Tilt left or right to control Pixel's fall and bounce off more pegs.
  • Upgrade your pig as you earn rewards. Perform well to earn upgrade points and improve your pig's size, responsiveness, and gas capacity.
  • Pixel Pig is rendered in full 3D and uses the advanced nVIDIA PhysX physics engine to render the pig's gravity-defying adventures.
  • Fantastic original soundtrack. Pixel Pig features a completely original soundtrack of seven songs composed by Josh Rathbun.
  • Outstanding Achievement System: The more Achievements you earn - the more you can upgrade your pig!
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