Pixel Puzzle

1.4 for

Picross style game that uses numbers and logic.

Pixel Puzzle is a picross style game that uses numbers and logic to solve grid puzzles and unlock fully colored pictures. Also known as nonogram, griddler, hanjie, paint by numbers or logic square, this logic game is quick to learn but can take a lifetime to master.

  • No time restriction gimmicks
  • All original logic based puzzles with no guessing required
  • How-to-play tutorial for beginners
  • Save feature allows you to finish puzzles later
  • Three different play modes including mouse and keyboard support
  • Full screen or windowed play modes
  • 14 free fully colorized puzzles
  • Puzzles ranging from easy to very difficult within various sizes (5x5, 10x10, 15x15, 20x20, 25x25)
  • Fun puzzle categories for each world
  • Finish each level with 3 stars to beat the world and win a world crown!

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

Release Notes Version 1.4:
  • Option to continue playing even after losing all your stars
  • Option to reset all game data now available in application menu bar
  • Row and column auto lock when dragging to prevent mistakes
  • Fixed volume issue that prevented silencing game music