0.6.3 for

Virtual fantasy world; start as peasant and become a hero.

The objective of PlaneShift is to create a virtual fantasy world in which a player can start as a peasant in search of fame and become a hero. We will focus our efforts in the reproduction of a real world with politics, economy and many non-player-characters controlled by the server that will bring to life our world even without players connected!

We want to give Free access to everyone, without the need to either purchase the game or pay a monthly fee. Servers and bandwidth will be donated by sponsors.

Our virtual world is persistent, and this means you can connect to it at every hour of day or night and you will always find players and npcs wandering our realms. You will be able to disconnect and reconnect again, the server saves the actual status of your character including his possessions.

You will use a client program to interact with our world, that enables you to have a 3D view of the surroundings.

Release Notes Version 0.6.3:

Note: we have changed the way we build the Mac client, so please give us feedback if you experience any issues.

  • Improved NPC dialogue. When speaking with NPCs, you now have the option to click the bubbles to define the reading speed.
  • Three new client skins with new art for buttons, menus, etc... : Flames, Legend, Classic.
  • Possibility to give a name to a sack in your inventory. This will greatly simplify the organization of your items!
  • Crafting Shields. Shield Making crafting has been redesigned, condensed to 4 books for less confusion, all the shields parts are now craftable. Two new special shields, made of blue-steel metal, are now available!
  • Crafting Bows: A good news for the archers and crafters, Bow Making is now available!
  • Crafting Axes and Swords: Axes and knives handles are now craftable.
  • Magic: 4 new spells are available for Crystal and Blue Way!
  • The Howling Well rework: a mystery lurks in the well shadows!
  • Two new bosses have been designed and deployed in the game! Challenging to fight and win.
  • Access The Bronze Doors with a pterosaur, through a quest.
  • For spell research, a better system message tells you if the failure is because of a non-existing spell.
  • View the full release notes.