Pok?mon Trading Card Game Online for

Online trading card game.

Pok?mon Trading Card Game Online is an online version of the popular Pok?mon Trading Card Game enjoyed by millions of players around the world. The rules are the same for both the paper and online versions, so the Pok?mon TCG Online is a great way to continue the fun when your friends aren?t around or your favorite game store has closed for the evening.

  • Fun for Players of All Skill Levels: The Pok?mon TCG Online is a great game for anyone to play, regardless of their experience in playing the Pok?mon TCG. Beginning players can learn the ropes using preconstructed theme decks against computer-controlled opponents. As players grow more comfortable with the rules of the game, they are introduced to more concepts, such as deck building and competitive play. All of these features are optional, so every player is free to learn at his or her own pace!
  • Same Cards, Same Rules, Same Game: You can play the Pok?mon TCG Online without ever having picked up a physical Pok?mon TCG theme deck or booster pack--in fact, you can start playing right away without needing anything else! And because the Pok?mon TCG Online uses the same rules and cards as the paper card game, you can be assured that the skills you?ve learned playing one version will carry over to the other.
  • Free to Play: The Pok?mon TCG Online is free to play. Just install the game and start having fun right away! For a more immersive experience, purchase cards and accessories, or redeem codes found on code cards inside Pok?mon TCG booster packs and theme decks!
Release Notes Version
  • Added support for the Pok?mon TCG: Sun & Moon?Cosmic Eclipse expansion. This expansion will be available in the game for code redemption on October 31 and in the Shop on November 1. Sun & Moon?Cosmic Eclipse will be legal for use in tournaments starting November 15
  • Energy Recycle System (CES #128): Resolved an issue that caused a noticeable delay before the chosen cards are shuffled into the deck, which could occasionally cause the match to end immediately
  • Machamp (PLB #49): Badge of Discipline's buff icon should no longer appear on Pok?mon that are not in play
  • Metal Frying Pan (FLI #112, 144): The effect should now consistently apply to Pok?mon that are {M} Pok?mon due to the effect of an Ability
  • Muk (TEU #63): Pok?mon taking more than 10 damage between turns from Poisoned should no longer take damage in increments less than 10 after being evolved or devolved
  • Ninja Boy (STS #103): Playing this card on a Pok?mon that is generating a suppression effect should no longer cause the match to crash
  • Sea of Nothingness (CIN #99): Pok?mon taking more than 10 damage between turns from Poisoned should no longer take damage in increments less than 10 after being evolved or devolved
  • U-Turn Board (UNM #211, 255): U-Turn Board is now consistently sent to the discard pile when discarded from play while the effects of Pok?mon Tool cards are disabled
  • The Dark Silver Rainbow Necrozma Coin, Green Ice Rowlet Coin, Light Gold Zeraora Coin, Light Orange Dragonite Coin, and Light Purple Mewtwo Coin gameplay items should now appear in the Create Trade screen