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Poker odds calculator.

PokerCruncher is the App Store's top Texas Hold'em odds calculator. One of the most powerful and general poker odds calculators on any platform.

Take your game to the next level with PokerCruncher, an advanced professional-level hand-ranges odds calculator that goes beyond even PokerStove with features like deal-to-flop and flop texture analysis and many stats. And it uses one big "mission control screen" UI design that lets you enter data much faster and lets you understand and absorb the entire scenario and stats better, in one glance.

  • Fully general hand ranges (up to 10 players)
  • Deal-To-Flop and flop texture analysis
  • Many stats: hand histograms, flop hit stats, odds for flopping draws and combination draws
  • Range equity breakdown heat maps and hand combos stats
  • Extensive built-in hand ranges
  • Save/load/export hand ranges and entire scenarios
  • Tutorial
Release Notes Version 13.2.1:
  • Some small UI improvements/clarifications, as we let the app stabilize and improve even further after the big new feature added in the last update: Color-Coded Groups In Hand Ranges (Groups Editor).
  • When you?re in the Groups Editor, write ?[GROUPS EDITOR]? at the beginning of the Hand Range view?s title to make it clearer that you?re in groups editing mode.
  • When the board is clicked/selected, for clarity show a label ?[Not Applicable For Board]? where the Hand Range view is, instead of showing a completely blank area there.
  • Fix/improve some small window sizing/positioning glitches when use the MoveWindowToLeftSideOfScreen and MoveWindowToRightSideOfScreen menu buttons in the Window menu (on macOS Catalina).