1.1.2 for

Multi-player Internet poker game.

PokerTH is an internet-enabled multi-player poker game. Play online games easily on the PokerTH-dedicated-Server (no IP addresses or port-forwarding needed any longer).


  • Lobby-Chat for internet-/network gameAvatars are also available in internet-/network game
  • Computer-Players can be added in internet-/network game
  • New input field including action preselection
  • Auto-check/fold and Auto-check/call-any options for temporary away situations.
  • Blinds values and blinds order completely adjustable
  • New kicker-card-detection for log
  • Improved distribution of the pot
  • Translation updates (14 languages now!)
  • Server supports TCP and next generation protocol SCTP/IPv6 at the same time

Release Notes Version 1.1.2:
  • PokerTH is now fully compatible with c++11 compilation mode
  • Upgraded to websockets 0.7
  • SQL errors are saved to server log (partly #324)
  • Players deliberately preventing start of play (#304)
  • Rating feature didn't work for special usernames (#319)
  • Ignore feature only works after restart (#320)
  • Shorten too long usernames on the table gui (#326)
  • "accidentally call" blocker now for working for FKey presses (#330)