Poly Bridge

1.0.3 for

Bridge building simulator game.

Poly Bridge is a bridge building simulator game. You can unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles. Enjoy hours of physics-based puzzle solving in the Campaign and then jump in the Sandbox to create your own bridge designs and puzzles!

Release Notes Version 1.0.3:
  • New: Budget Autosave
  • New: Custom shapes in Sandbox are colored according to the selected Theme
  • Bugfix: Sandbox was preventing Workshop submissions with over 99 pieces used in the solution of an unlimited resource
  • Bugfix: When flipping horizontally and pasting a split-joint, the attachment-side indicator would not flip correctly
  • Bugfix: Extra-wide aspect ratios not showing all available resolutions in Settings
  • Bugfix: Zero-thickness selection area causing selection of wrong items