1.1 for

Dice-roller for role-playing games (was DiceX).

Polymatic (formerly DiceX) is a Cocoa dice-roller for Mac OS X Leopard. It features optional dropping of rolls; "per die" and "per pool" modifiers for bonus, penalty, and multiplier; a log to maintain track of your previous rolls; optional rerolling below and/or above certain values; and a button to configure for basic percentile rolling. The program also features the concept of grouping a roll of the dice into pools, and then grouping those pools into, well, "groups," which allows for great flexibility when configuring a roll. If you see anything missing or malfunctional, please do let me know, as I gladly accept feature requests and bug reports.
Release Notes Version 1.1:
  • Polymatic is now open-source.
  • Added constraints upon the split views in the log window.
  • Added a preference to enable or disable the warning upon resetting the memory slots.
  • Introduced a new icon.
  • The behavior of the memory slots has been tweaked slightly.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the log window from loading.
  • Introduced a new preferences window. There is now an option to show the log window at startup, and another option to disable the warning upon attempting to clear the log entries.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the list of default sides per die and dice per pool from appearing properly.
  • Made some major changes internally.
  • Addressed some preferences issues.
  • Performed some internal maintenance on many aspects of the program, including the roll system, the preferences system, and the log system.
  • Cleaned up the project hierarchy by removing one or two unnecessary, unused, or behind-the-scenes files, including one from the preferences infrastructure.
  • Added "memory slots" for saving and reloading of settings.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.