Porting Kit

3.0.43 for

A simple method to port many Windows apps to macOS.

The Porting Kit is an application which ports certain Windows games to the Mac. Similar to "Crossover Mac," the application installs a Windows game using a script and creates a "Wineskin wrapper" and installs the specific Windows game into that wrapper.

When the process is finished, you are able to run the game on your Mac. The cool thing about Porting Kit is that it also contains a lot of Free Windows games which it will automatically download and install. It's made so easy that not much knowledge is required to use the application.

Some free games added to the Portingkit are:
  • Red Alert
  • Dune 2000
  • Wings of Fury 2
  • C&C Tiberian Sun

For the commercial games, only the setup file of the game is required, which Porting Kit will locate in the download folder and will also automatically install in Porting Kit as an app.

Release Notes Version 3.0.43:
  • Changed: The Master wrapper should be downloaded from portingkit.com
Special Notes Legacy version for OS X 10.6 and 10.7 in Related Links