Privateer Gemini Gold

0.4.3 for

Space piracy and trading game.

Privateer Gemini Gold reinvents the enduring intergalactic action game from the '90's.

Many of us experienced Privateer in the early 90's, the engaging space piracy and trading game that captured us with mystery and challenges. The Gemini Gold Team has just released a new Open Source Privateer to all platforms with the inflight and ground art redone at 800x600 as well as with all the familiar controls that were baked into the base scenes and immersed the player in the scenes. Just like the original, you start poor, with an old scout class ship in a sparsely populated system in the Gemini Sector. As usual, you must try to get money through various mission assignments from which you can purchase better ships and upgrades. It's your choice how to explore Gemini and align with the various factions, earn your money as a merchant, bounty hunter, traitor or pirate. Meet Sandoval in a bar on New Detroit and talk to him to trigger the original campaign and the newer Righteous fire expansion.

Release Notes Version 0.4.3 (1.02c):
  • New paradigm model with turrets
  • New "New Constantinople Superbase" model
  • "Bounce back bug" which prevents you from landing
  • Lynn Murphy mission: hostile militia wingmen
  • Lynn Murphy mission: no mission payment
  • Search for Mordichai Jones: Pirate doesn't deliver message
  • Cargo space calculation bug when using cargo expansion
  • Impossible rescue missions